SPSU Campus


Kennesaw | Georgia | 2007

University Gateway Landmark

Plexus r+d was engaged to develop a comprehensive design for the campus perimeter adjacent to Southern Polytechnic State University’s main entrance. The project is intended to articulate and project an identity for the school that conveys the essence of the institution’s educational mission and its emphasis on technology.


The perception of the campus from the intersection of Cobb and South Marietta Parkway is critical. The nature of the campus edge along South Marietta Parkway is also a key to defining a powerful experience that symbolizes the university. The design solution focuses on the development of an edge and an identity structure that is active and promotes interaction between members of the academic community.


The organization of the site is divided into several zones including a large formal lawn, an exterior plaza adjacent to the existing student center, a study grove and the campus tower. This technologically enhanced vertical structure, located at the primary campus threshold, marks a physical and spatial position of hierarchy, fulfilling the traditional role of a tower. At the same time, a fiber optic skin allows the tower to assume a character that is open ended, variable, determined by any number of users.