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Atlanta | Georgia | 2007

Luxury Townhomes

Four Luxury Townhomes developed on a small urban site. Units are organized vertically on four levels with roof decks, balconies and courtyards that emphasize connections between interior and exterior spaces while providing dramatic natural illumination. The emphasis on sectional organization led to the development of a cross-programmed stair that simultaneously serves as a circulation element as well as a gallery, library, wet bar and entertainment space.


The design of the building explores the problematic relationship between the home as an expression of the individual family and the often contradictory reality of the home as a mass produced consumer item. One of the primary design challenges involves the recognition of prevalent development strategies such as repetition and standardization while simultaneously providing a framework that tolerates differentiation and diversity. The exterior envelope of the building has been developed using several strategies that counteract the modular and repetitive nature of the interior, articulated as an exploration of the public / private separatrix of the domestic program from the public space of the street.