Oslo | Norway | 2009

National Gallery of the Arts

The consolidation of the National Gallery, Museum of Decorative Arts & Design, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Architecture and the National Touring Exhibitions is an act of cultural renewal. The decision to collect these institutions and deploy them in one place has the potential to create a heterogeneous and vibrant center for the arts that nurtures the cultural as well as the social fabric of Norway. In order to leverage this sense of renewal and transformation, this design proposal is based in the manifold meanings of the term spring. Just as the coming of spring each year signals an environment poised to emerge from a condition of stasis into an explosive period of growth and renewal, we have approached the design of this project as an opportunity to facilitate two key acts of renewal, or transformation. This notion of renewal instigates a design that is emergent, one that is not bound by the physical limits of the site. Renewal promotes a spatial condition that is open, flowing, extending, releasing, springing out into the city, engaging Oslo and its residents.