OAKGROVE residence

Atlanta | Georgia | completed 2016

7,500 sqft. | 2-stories

This 7,500 square foot modern home is located in the Northlake neighborhood of Atlanta Georgia and features a site that is both tight to its neighbors and expansive to a nature preserve in the rear yard. With lot space at a premium, the house had to feel both open to the natural rear yard and secluded from its surrounding neighbors. To achieve this, the house was organized around the kitchen as the primary hub. Views to the dining room, family room, and living room are entirely uninterrupted with soaring double heighted spaces intended to gather as much natural light as possible.


While the home is guarded from the street, it reveals itself to the nature preserve in the rear yard with a large expanse of glass. The upper level of the home is organized around a playroom for both the adults and children. One wing of the upper level is given to the adults and acts as a secluded retreat from the rest of the house while each child has a unique room designed for their individual personalities and tastes.

Materiality was meant to be as natural as possible for such a precious site that is both intown yet still secluded from the city. To represent this dynamic, wood, stone and concrete were used as the more natural materials while corrugated metal was used in the garage to represent the mechanical nature of the cars that occupy the space as well as the industrial nature of a city itself.