husk jennings


Jacksonville | Florida | 2002

Ad. Agency Office Renovation

Husk Jennings Advertising occupies the sixth floor of the Dyal-Upchurch building in Jacksonville, Florida. The project began as an expansion of the advertising company and the development of a vertical atrium and stair in the existing building's light well, connecting level two to level six. Services expanded to a strategic master exploring the future use of the entire Dyal-Upchurch building as well as an analysis of the exterior skin and proposals for modifications. The master plan concluded that the ground floor of the Dyal-Upchurch shall be programmed with a combination of retail and restaurant functions.


The desire to have a strong connection between the public and Husk Jennings’ lobby was accommodated by developing a monumental stair from the main building lobby up to Husk Jennings’ lobby located on the second floor. A media wall defining the back edge of the stair allows the ad firm to animate the building lobby with PR information. The second floor of the ad firm is dominated by a lobby that sits at the bottom of a new atrium, which has been developed as a “dream space.” The atrium is a dedicated spatial connection between the lower and upper levels of the ad firm. The lower level contains reception, gallery, accounting, management and PR services, which comprise the pragmatic components of the advertising business. The upper level houses the creative staff and executive offices