Guadalajara | Mexico | 2005

New Jalisco State Public Library

Our proposal for a New Jalisco State Public Library in Guadalajara, Mexico celebrates the complex and evolving status of the Library as one of the few surviving public buildings. The design explores the relationship between two primary conditions which give rise to the articulation of the Library as a place in contemporary society. First, the design articulates the building as a repository of knowledge and information. Regardless of the proliferation of digital technology, the physical volume will always be important to culture, either as a tactile companion, or as a historical treasure. In order to express the significance of the physical volume of books, the design proposal defines a dense cube of stacks as the core of the building, both formally and spatially. The second dominant condition inherent to the Library program deals with the Library as a place of cultural and social interaction. The building is an important gathering place for local residents as well as scholars that might travel from around the globe. If the literal stacks present the image of the book ‘on the shelf’ in stasis, the interactive system of spaces would represent the books off the shelf, in the hands of people, or piled on a desk.